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Sales experts say "A confused mind always says no."  Let's make this simple.

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"Act it and Become it"
- Jess Todtfeld - 
Book Jess as a speaker at your next conference or event.

Your next event might benefit from a keynote or breakout session on:

-BE Magnetic: Create More Impact, Influence, & Income
(Motivational, Sales, Leadership

-Speak to Close
(Sales, Communication, Leadership)

-Weather Any Media Storm
(Media, Crisis, Communication)

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Presentation Training and Sales Presentation Training (Speak to Close)

Let's face it... any time we are presenting, we are selling.  If we are not "in sales," we are selling ideas and we are selling ourselves.

These presentation programs:

-Build confidence
-Give you or your team both style and substance
-Help you get the right messages to resonate 
-Create more follow-through from the audience and specific actions.

I deliver programs on Media Training, Media Marketing, and Publicity.
On-site media training is a big part of my business.  The groups I help the most are: C-Suite, Executive teams, and spokespeople.

Want a digital copy of my latest book? Happy to share. Click the button to the right to download it.  No payment or email opt-in needed.

Included is:

-More details on Media Messaging
-The Answer System
-The SoundBite System
-Publicity including Jess' special template
-Strategies for TV, Print, Radio and Internet Media

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